FULLY BOOKED!! Visit 1: Museum of Fine Arts Bern (Kunstmuseum Bern) 

Insights into the practice of conservation-restoration at the Bern Museum of Fine Arts; a tour through the restoration workshops. (Max. number of participants: 30)


Visit 2: State Archive of Bern (Staatsarchiv des Kantons Bern)

Presenting the State Archive of Bern: tasks, history and digital archiving, including the presentation of 'selected treasures' from the archive, followed by a tour of the restoration workshops. Guided tour only available in German.

(Max. number of participants: 20)


CANCELLED! Visit 3: University Library of Bern (Bibliothek Münstergasse)

A guided tour of the newly renovated library building and storage facilities; an introduction to the special collections held in the Centre for Historic Collections of the Library, followed by a tour though the conservation facility. (Max. number of participants: 20)


Visit 4: Swiss National Library (Schweizerische Nationalbibliothek)

Two guided tours are available (of which only one can be chosen), and will be held in


a) A tour through the Swiss National Library (Max. number of participants: 20)

b) Introduction to the restoration workshop (Max. number of participants: 20)


Visit 5: Lichtspiel / Kinemathek Bern

A guided tour through the film and cinematographic collection and the restoration workshop; an introduction to the collection. (Max. number of participants: 20)


Visit 6: Natural History Museum (Naturhistorisches Museum)

A guided tour through the collection and the taxidermist's laboratory, only available in German. (Max. number of participants: 20)


Visit 7: Archaeological Services of the Canton of Bern (Archäologischer Dienst

des Kantons Bern)

A guided tour in the laboratories of the archaeological services of the canton of Bern.

(Max. number of participants: 20)



Saturday Programme - City Cultural Tour

A guided city tour of approximately one hour given by the Cultural Value Team of HKB. They will show you the culturally most important cultural features of the city of Bern - as the Zytglogge and the Bern Minster. 


Visit to the Abegg-Stiftung 

A guided tour trough the collection. 

The Abegg-Stiftung is committed to the collection, conservation and study of historical textiles. The studio for textile conservation and restoration is also a training centre for budding young conservators. The Abegg-Stiftung publishes books and papers in which it shares its research findings with fellow historians and conservators as well as a lay readership. Year after year, its annual exhibitions shed new light on a material that has served humanity for thousands of years, whether made up into objects of everyday use or in the form of exquisite works of art.